Secluded Cabins in Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills, Ohio is a vacation destination that’s often recognized for its wide variety of charming communities, exciting boutique shopping, delicious dining and activities that highlight time in the great outdoors. As scenic as it is welcoming, it comes as no surprise that travelers from near and far come to make the most of Hocking Hills year after year. While it’s undoubtedly a delightful place to enjoy time with friends, family and fellow travelers, Hocking Hills enjoys the added appeal of being a place where it’s possible to relax and unwind as well. With plenty of hidden away caves, captivating off the beaten path stops and options for simply savoring the sights, Hocking Hills is very much a place where guests can find that peace and quiet they crave. When this is what you’re searching for, be sure to book inviting and secluded cabins rentals in Ohio with the help of the professionals at Buffalo Lodging Company.


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A Charming and Scenic Escape

Far from the hustle and bustle from daily life, our secluded cabins in Hocking Hills are situated within pristine settings and provide guests with plenty of options when it comes to space and design. Whether you go for a cozy cabin in the woods or are hoping to book a sprawling cabin with a private pond, our portfolio of options promises to please. Many of our isolated rentals enjoy plenty of natural light flow as well as open concept floor plans that maximize the square footage available. Full kitchens keep guests cooking home-inspired meals during a stay while private patios, decks, and balconies are just the right size for enjoying an open-air dinner or two. Tasteful furnishings throughout our properties combine the best of modern comforts with rustic charm and keep the natural beauty of the great outdoors top of mind at all times. When you’re hoping to stay connected, even while enjoying a peaceful getaway, be sure to inquire about our secluded cabin rentals in Ohio that include access to Wi-Fi or high-speed services as an added convenience.

Inspiring Destinations to Explore

When you aren’t cozied up in the comfort of your isolated rental, Hocking Hills has a ton of places to see, experience and explore. Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve is the perfect place to hike when you’re looking for views of an impressive gorge combined with stone cliffsides. Cascade chasers won’t want to miss the chance to take a trek down Cedar Falls Trail in Hocking Hills State Park to enjoy an encounter with one of the largest waterfalls in the area!

Book Your Secluded Cabin Rentals in Ohio

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