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Mention Hocking Hills, Ohio and it’s sure to conjure up images of hiking, biking and getting out and making the most of the great outdoors. From hidden caves to rivers, creeks and abundant wildlife, the Hocking Hills region is undeniably an oasis of outdoor adventure. However, part of what makes this destination so appealing is its sheer versatility and diversity of options for entertainment. While a traveler can hike the day away, the evening hours can just as easily be dedicated to fine dining and exquisite options for indulging in culture. One of the most renowned establishments for making the most of both of these options is Rhapsody Restaurant in Hocking Hills.

Where Flavor and Entertainment Collide

Located at 18 Public Square in Nelsonville, Rhapsody Restaurant combines delicious dining options with live entertainment. Beyond the flavor and fun, Rhapsody was also developed under an Appalachian to table initiative meaning local, farm-fresh ingredients are always the star of a savory meal. Guests who choose to enjoy the beauty, flavor and intriguing atmosphere of Rhapsody Restaurant can also feel great knowing they are helping contribute to culinary education. Hocking Hills Rhapsody is integrated into the Hocking College Culinary School and provides the ideal learning grounds for up and coming chefs to train and try out their most innovative and palate-pleasing dishes on a regular basis. Similarly, hospitality students put their efforts to work treating guests to a world-class experience in dining, comfort, and style.

An Amazing Atmosphere at Hocking Hills Rhapsody

While its location in historic Public Square sets Hocking Hills Rhapsody up with a wonderful cultural take on dining, it’s the music that puts the finishing touch on the atmosphere. As guests enjoy delicious comfort foods including chicken, steak, and chops they are simultaneously treated to live musical performances that keep the energy fun from start to finish. The elegant, yet laid-back atmosphere makes this the perfect destination for a family dinner, date night or birthday celebration. An ever-evolving menu means there’s always something new to taste and enjoy when you’re here. Rhapsody Restaurant in Hocking Hills is open for business Wednesdays and Thursday from 5 pm until 9 pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 5 pm until 10 pm. Guests are invited to come and enjoy a delicious meal on Sundays between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. Whenever you decide to dine at Rhapsody, it’s bound to be an experience that treats your taste buds to something exciting!

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