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For those who travel with a heart for all that can be enjoyed and explored in the great outdoors, there’s no place quite like Hocking Hills, Ohio. While visits to this incredible destination in the summertime bring ample opportunities to enjoy amazing weather and discover caves, waterfalls and beyond,  Hocking Hills Winter Hike is the highlight of a visit during the colder months. Thousands of hikers make their way this direction in January to enjoy a snowy hike that keeps participants on their toes and endlessly inspired by the sparkling scenery.

Winter Hike 2020

This annual event is highly anticipated by hikers of all ages and skill levels and draws in nearly 6,000 hikers looking to make the most of the incredible landscape that graces Hocking Hills. Winter Hike is hosted in Hocking Hills State Park and in 2020, hikers will enjoy this incredible moment on January 18th. The route begins at the state park campground and winds through the park with a stop at Old Man’s Cave Upper Falls. The first part of the route is completed in small groups of hikers and is led by a knowledgeable guide. From Old Man’s Cave, groups can disperse and enjoy the rest of the 6-mile hike at an independent pace.

Incredible Winter Views

For many hikers, the thrill of Hocking Hills Winter Hike lies in the astounding number of incredible views to be enjoyed along the way. Where the park itself brings the natural wonder, the winter season brings a frigid and sparkling beauty that’s hard to replicate anywhere else. After passing Old Man’s Cave at the Upper Falls, hikers will continue on to Cedar Falls and Rose Lake. It’s here that hikers will encounter the tallest tree in Ohio from the vantage point of a charming stone stairway. Gazing up at this massive 149-foot Hemlock, it’s easy to understand why hikers return for this memorable event year after year. This marks the half-way point of the trail and hikers are encouraged to enjoy a hot bean soup lunch before continuing on to enjoy sights that include a variety of walkways, bridges, and wildlife that await. Hikers are asked to assemble between 9:00 am and 11:00 am on January 18th in order to enjoy pre-hike festivities and refreshments. Hikers are encouraged to purchase a commemorative hiking stick medallion or patch once the trail has been completed to remember this incredible experience.

Hocking Hills Hiking Trails

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