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A vacation that’s centered around the great outdoors is a wonderful way to encounter the beauty of nature at it’s very best. When you’re looking for a lush and diverse landscape that lets you escape the grind of everyday routine and immerse yourself in the details of outdoor adventures, look no further than Hocking Hills, Ohio. The incredible scenery and seemingly endless loops of trails make this a hiker’s paradise. One of the most sought-after natural features in Hocking Hills is by far the caves that call this region home. While there are many cave trails in Hocking Hills worth trekking the majority of those that take visitors close to caves happen to reside within Hocking Hills State Park. Be sure to add these three trails to your itinerary when you’re searching for caves that will captivate your imagination on vacation.

Rock House Cave Trail

Considered by many to be the most natural and authentic cave of all that sit in Hocking Hills State Park, Rock House Cave is best accessed by the Rock House Cave Trail. Less than a mile separates the trailhead from the cave, making this a wonderful excursion with family members who are looking for a moderately difficult hike. Very slight elevation changes lead to great views as you make your way towards the cave. Once there, hikers will have plenty of time to appreciate the thrilling sandstone ceilings, columns, and windows that nature carved out with incredible attention to detail.

Ash Cave Trail in Hocking Hills

Those looking for a hike that’s guaranteed to take your breath away with sweeping sandstone views will want to make sure to make time for the Ash Cave Trail. Ash Cave sits at the southern corner of Hocking Hills and is undeniably one of the most impressive caves in the region. Ash cave measures 700 feet across and 90 feet high, making it a truly incredible sight. Ash Cave Trail in Hocking Hills is as mesmerizing as it’s namesake landmark with a path that is lined with Beech trees and Hemlocks. While the gorge trail offers hikers a ¼-mile trek, the trip can be extended to ½ a mile by opting for the rim trail instead.

Old Man’s Cave Trail

A trip to Old Man’s Cave means encountering both a beautiful work of natural art as well as encounter some of Hocking Hills most legendary history up close. Inhabited throughout the early to mid- 19th-century by Richard Rowe and his brothers, Old Man’s Cave is a place packed with legend. Visitors come to wonder at the spectacular beauty of this sandstone recess as well as learn the many stories that are told around it. The trail leading to Old Man’s Cave is half a mile long and is considered an easy trek for hikers of all ages and abilities. This trail is particularly desirable because it comes complete with stunning foliage and a waterfall waiting to be enjoyed!

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