Rock House Cave

Hocking Hills, Ohio is a destination full of outdoor surprises. From winding trails to stunning sandstone formations, this region of Ohio has been set aside for all to enjoy in the name of natural wonder and beauty. While there are many enchanting rivers, creeks, and woods to explore, it may just be the caves that keep travelers coming back time and again. A multitude of above and below-ground caverns entice visitors to come and get a closer look at what’s below the surface. Of all of these intriguing natural landmarks, Rock House Cave has long held a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

An Impressive Display of Nature at This Hocking Hills Cave

Located in Hocking Hills State Park off of Route 374, Rock House Cave is admired by explorers and visitors for it’s natural and stunning formations. It’s many tunnels and corridors are carved through Blackhand sandstone making it a unique and aesthetically pleasing place to be. The entrance to Rock House Cave opens up to the main tunnel that extends nearly 200 feet into its depths at a width of no more than 20 to 30 feet. As far as interior design, nature has done some of her best work at this Hocking Hills Cave. Visitors are generally in awe of the 25-foot ceilings, beautifully arched windows to the world and impressive stone columns that support the cave from the inside out.

Evidence of Historical Residence

While Rock House Cave was formed as a result of natural erosion in sandstone, there is evidence within its walls that this destination was once used as a shelter. Purposeful stone cutouts and recesses provide experts with enough insight to recognize that this Hocking Hills cave was most likely the dwelling place of Native American tribes who first inhabited the land. Etchings in the rock face date back as far as the mid-1800s when Colonel F.F. Rempel developed a hotel near the cave. Today, a wonderful picnic shelter stands in place of the former hotel, but the names and sayings carved into the stones seem to be here for the long-run.

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