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Hocking Hills, Ohio is an area of the state that calls to visitors looking to relax and unwind. While this destination is undoubtedly an oasis of peace and tranquility, the alternative is that Hocking Hills also provides some of the most dramatic landscapes imaginable. Outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a place filled with potential for discovery and wild encounters will find what they’re looking for just as equally as those seeking a pristine view. While there are many trails and pathways waiting to be walked, a trip to Clear Creek Metro Park is a wonderful way to get a comprehensive take on the versatility of this region of Ohio.

A Tantalizing Topography

Clear Creek Metro Park sits in the heart of Clear Creek Valley which was designated as this impressive public space in 1996. The very geology and climate of Clear Creek Metro Park make it an exciting place where prairie and forest collide. Visitors to Clear Creek Metro Park on any given day have the opportunity to encounter a wide variety of trees, foliage, and wildlife all thriving upon Blackhand Sandstone. With over 1,200 species of plants and over 150 species of birds calling this park home, there’s no lack of intrigue on the part of bird watchers and nature lovers who venture into the valley to experience its dynamic appeal. Stretching hemlock trees overlap with staggering ravines, breathtaking cliffsides and lush forests where everything from beavers to chipmunks and bobcats prowl.

A Semi-Private Sanctuary

Clear Creek Metro Park is considered a semi-private natural space due to the fact that traditional hiking trails and picnic trails have been added to portions of the park. There are plans to add more public spaces and trails throughout the valley, however, the fact that the majority of this area remains untamed today is endlessly exciting for those with a heart for adventure and outdoor thrills. For visitors interested in making the most of this wild habitat, but aren’t quite sure where to start, the Franklin County Metro Parks System regularly hosts education programs made for participants looking to learn more in a safe and sustainable manner.

Hocking Hills Park

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