Cantwell Cliffs

The sweeping views of a diverse and thrilling landscape give Hocking Hills, Ohio a reputation for its beautiful take on all that nature provides. While this vacation destination would be a simple place to come and relax and unwind when you’re looking to step away from the stress of everyday life, it’s just as easily a place where a traveler with an adventurer’s heart finds their happiness. If you’re a visitor that falls into the latter category, there’s no better place to begin your thrilling adventures than Cantwell Cliffs while you’re here.

Steep and Stunning Encounters

Sitting invitingly in the northern reaches of Hocking Hills, Cantwell Cliffs has long been a highlight for those who are looking for breathtaking encounters with nature. Following S.R. 374 17 miles from Old Man’s Cave, explorers with a tenacious spirit for hiking will find the remote location of Cantwell Cliffs one of the best parts of the visit. With few others around, it’s possible to get a sense of true community with the great outdoors. If you’re a hiker and outdoor explorer that also doubles as a photographer, you won’t want to forget your camera for this experience. Cantwell Cliffs are often touted as one of the most scenic spaces in all of Hocking Hills.

What You’ll See

Staggering cliffsides, immense valleys and rock shelters formed by nature make up the majority of Cantwell Cliffs and are sure to impress with each and every visit. The dramatic and rugged terrain is the result of Buck Run erosion and has made Cantwell Cliffs an ever-evolving natural landmark. Trails through Cantwell Cliffs are divided into those that run along the valley floor and those that run along the rim. Portions of these trails are accessible by vehicle if you’re not in the mood to walk the entire way. Those that do take to the trails by foot will be gifted with incredible views of the cliffs from the East Rim Trail lookout point. Cantwell Cliffs are home to a number of “tight squeeze” points where hikers can make their way through the seemingly daunting passageways that run between rock faces and make for some truly incredible moments and memories.

Hocking Hills Hiking

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