Gorge Overlook Trail

When it comes to spectacular natural views, Hocking Hills has a way with the scenery. Many travelers who set their sights on Hocking Hills in the name of a fantastic getaway do so for the opportunity to immerse themselves in the best that mother nature has to offer. While this region of Ohio is known for its stunning caves and captivating cascades, there’s much to be seen on all the incredible hiking trails in Ohio. For those that love to hike their way through amazing vacations, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to take to Gorge Overlook Trail. Combine the best of caves and trekking when you put this trail on the map as a must-see starting point.

A Scenic Connection

You can experience the best hiking in Ohio on the Gorge Overlook Trail is a beautiful 3-mile path that connects the iconic Old Man’s Cave to the equally impressive destination of Cedar Falls. Sandstone, gravel, and smooth soil make for a moderately challenging combination on the path which also gives hikers a chance to experience trekking across the dam at Rose Lake, otherwise known as the Hocking Hills Reservoir. Gorge Overlook Trail is integrated into the greater Hocking Hills State Park meaning those who decide to make a moment of this outdoor adventure will also have the opportunity to connect with several other popular trails when you want to extend your journey. Campgrounds are situated a short distance from this popular trail making it a wonderful stop when you’re overnighting in the great outdoors or looking to turn a day trip into an extended adventure.

If you’re arriving by car, the Gorge Overlook Trail has convenient parking options on either end making your hike easy to access and customize. Hocking Hills State Park is known for its variety of wildlife both on the ground and in the sky so those with a passion for spotting creatures large and small will want to be sure to bring binoculars. Similarly, this lush forest trail is often dotted with wildflowers and intriguing foliage making it a scenic spot to photograph nature at its finest.  Whether you’re here for the trail or the landmarks that dot the path, Gorge Overlook is one of the best hiking trails in Ohio.

Experience the Best Hiking Trails in Ohio

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